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About Us

We believe every human is born creative.

We are born with meta-skills. To learn, communicate, and solve problems. And when we learn to use them, combined with the power of the Internet, it opens us to a world of endless possibilities.

Our Mission

Inspire people to solve problems, earn money, and make a difference.

Our Values

WE Care

Deep empathy is what drives us to do what we do. Leading with empathy and care helps us connect better.

Be Honest

Being honest and open leads to better outcomes. We believe in being honest in every situation.

Be Kind

We believe that kindness always brings out the best in people and leads to great outcomes.

Be Consistent

Consistency creates greatness. We believe that being consistent and showing up is more important than anything else.

Keep Learning

We believe that learning is the beginning and the end. Learning is a habit and growth hack.

Be Humble

Being humble gives us the strength and excuse to learn something new.

The Story

FreeYourVoiceLIVE was founded with a rebellious thought and an ambitious goal: to offer personalized coaching to independent creatives and entrepreneurs at a revolutionary price while leading the way for equal-opportunity global education for independent entrepreneurs.

Every big idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: good-quality personalized entrepreneurial education is expensive. We realized this one day when Karthik received an email from a prospective customer from South Africa. In this email, he said, “The price of the course is 4 times the monthly rent I pay for my apartment here…” This was the inspiration behind creating Free Your Voice LIVE.

We envision a world where every household has an entrepreneur who’s solving a real problem, earning money, and making a difference.

We have a long way to go. We’re just getting started.



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Join the Narrative

You know our beliefs, values, and our origin story. But we are just getting started, and we’d like you to join us. We are focused on a few narratives in the short term. See if they interest you.

Narrative #1

To create successful long-term businesses, brands need to focus on building a strong and engaged community.

We started a podcast and live-interview series around community building. Join us by listening and subscribing to the show, apply to be a guest, or join behind-the-scenes conversations inside our Facebook Group.

Narrative #2

Podcasting is marketing.

We want to help passionate podcasters learn and apply smart marketing on their shows, so they can sustain creating good podcast content in the long term.

Join the community and access training, courses, and other resources for podcasting and marketing. If you are an experienced marketer or podcaster that has experiences to share, connect with us to write a guest post, be a guest, or conduct a workshop.